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The Strange Case of Mr Hyde Volume 1

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R wel genietbaar Alright first of all I have been a huge fan of Stevenson s The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde for a while now It s my favourite novella and the story of Dr Jekyll h A really fun retellingretooling of the Hyde story pitting him against Jack the Ripper The art was good and the writing was great It was a little reminiscent of Silence of the Lambs but I still enjoyed it I ll have to see what else develops It could Be The Start Of A the start of a series REVIEW ALSO ON new villain is loose in London and only incarcerated criminal Henry Jekyll can help Scotland Yard stop Jack the Ripper Set five years after the events in Robert Louis Stevenson s novella The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde the trade collection of The Strange Case of Mr Hyde is From Hell meets The Silence of the Lambs meets hilarityAs a huge fan of The Original Novella Which Explores Themes Of Good And Evil original novella which explores themes of good and evil and the masks we wear I was a little skeptical to tackle this series albeit simultaneously excited Thankfully instead of a simple retelling of the classic horror story which I was expecting Mr Hyde alternates between nseen moments of Hyde s past indiscretions and his current investigation revolving around Jack the RipperAfter the events in the original story rather than have Jekyll commit suicide to stop becoming Hyde the police capture "Him And Put Out "and put out notice to the public that he is dead He is still alive however and nder the care of friend and fellow Jekyll and Hyde character Dr Utterson who is helping rehabilitate him Meanwhile Jack the Ripper is on the loose murdering prostitutes and frightening London In order to nderstand the Ripper s criminal mindset David Tennant looking detective Thomas Ayde Our Martyred Lady uses Henry Jekyll s knowledge to try and track down the murderer in a scene that seems very Hannibal Lector and Clarice Starling minus the romanticndertonesAuthor Cole Haddon gives s two sides of the same coin with morally corrupt Henry Jekyll and morally pstanding inspector Thomas Adye Illustrator MS Corley takes great pains to make the men as similar as possibl. Se But he'll need the guidance of imprisoned madman and amoral libertine Dr Henry. Full review on HorrorTalk Lontoon Whitechapelin syrj isill kujilla surmataan prostituoituja ja kaikki merkit viitt v t siihen ettei rikossarjan takana ole aivan tavallisin voimin varustettu henkil Itse asiassa tapauksessa tuntuu olevan paljon samaa kuin viisi vuotta aiemmin sattuneessa pahamaineisessa rikossarjassa jonka seurauksena Edward Hyden nime ei viel k n haluta lausua neen Niinp nuori poliisitarkastaja Adyon joutuu vastentahtoisesti hakemaan apua vankilan ter sovien takana lojuvalta tohtori Jekyllilta ja siit alkaa erikoinen peli jonka tarkoituksena on saada k p l lautaan Viilt j Jackiksi itse n kutsuva murhamiesSarjakuva The Strange Case of Mr Hyde Dark Horse 2012 on siis er nlainen jatko osa Stevensonin Tohtori Jekyllille ja herra Hydelle johon on itettu mukaan aineksia niin Alan Mooren Kerrassaan merkillisten herrasmiesten liigasta kuin Uhrilampaistakin Sekoitus toimii yll tt v n hyvin Cole Haddonin k sikirjoitus hyrr mukavilla kierroksilla alusta loppuun asti ja vaikka MS Corleyn kuvitus on v h n j hme ja staattista niin kyll sekin ajaa asiansa I loved this Mystery a serial killer and a character from one of my favorite classic novels all in one lovely mesh of pretty illustration Plus it s short so it
great as a filler Exceptionally seuelmash p blending Stevenson s terror with the Ripper murders in Whitechapel in the late 1800s Haddon s characterizations are tremendous and the story is a fun read from first page to last Corley s art is the perfect compliment I "certainly hope this isn t the last we see of these characters Kijk zie t is nog "hope this isn t the last we see of these characters Kijk zie t is nog Victoriana Er zijn Jack The Ripper achtige toestanden aan de gang Spring heeled Jack die Dear Boss brief en een jonge politiekerel moet op onderzoek Hij roept tegen zijn zin de hulp in van Dr JekyllJekyll zit na een faliekant in een moord afgelopen experiment twee keer raden wat d t zou kunnen geweest zijn eh heh heh in de gevangenis iteindelijk mag hij mee op onderzoek gebruiken ze alsnog zijn elixir en helemaal iteindelijk vinden ze wat de moorden precies warenBeetje clich matig allemaal maa. Inspector Thomas Adye of Scotland Yard has been assigned to the Jack the Ripper ca.
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E same build height and hair color even Hyde and Ayde "are only one letter apart As the novel progresses Adye becomes and like his foil towing the morality line reveling in "only one letter apart As the novel progresses Adye becomes and like his foil towing the morality line reveling in he knows to be false and disobeying orders The two learn from each other line reveling in he knows to be false and disobeying orders The two learn from each other to enjoy life and still be conscionable all while exploring how people have than one side in the process This is the bromance to end all bromances with sardonic Hyde and ptight Adye playing off each other deliciouslyHaddon also stays true to the real life source material playing off the nonfiction of the Whitechapel murders For the most part Jack is a semi fictional re imagining of what could have been but his victims surgical kill style and even his famous Dear Boss letter are historically accurate Strangely enough Haddon also chooses to have victim Mary Jane Kelly find herself in a physical relationship with Adye From Hell that awful movie also choosing to have its detective protagonist fall in love with the same Ripper victim Although in this series she is Mary Jane and in From Hell she is Mary Kelly Either way she is the prostitute detectives can t help but loveThe artwork is simplistic but not overly simplistic this is beneficial for two reasons One it keeps the focus in the foreground on the main story which is the true star of this collection Corley highlights this by choosing to the keep background action minimal and oftentimes nonextistent It also keeps in mind the fact that the series is based on a Victorian Era story which contained simple illustrations scattered
the novel or serial if re Dickens Mr Hyde seeks to strengthen and expound pon the original motifs in Stevenson s work and Corley s artwork seems to be based around the same principleYou will experience all the emotions while reading this series I alternated between literally laughing out loud to experiencing downright heart wrenching concern as I fell for these characters The Strange Case of Mr Hyde is a roller coaster I never wanted to end with a pitch perfect stories and loveable fully fleshed out characters to boot Bravo. Jekyll whose mind splitting serum Jack might be sing to commit his bloody murders. ,

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