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I believe re historically accurate with this time periodWe didn t enjoy this book as much as Old Yeller It s a completely different type of a story and very raphic with animal killing scalping and eneral violence throughout Of course I do understand that very raphic with animal killing scalping and Judy Blume: Fearless Storyteller for Teens general violence throughout Of course I do understand that was prevalent at the time people had to survive I just didn t expect it to take up the majority of the book due to the fact that this is a children s book I thought the plot was interesting but drawn out My main issue was that nearly half the book was spent on the children being mistreated and beaten by the Native Americans In addition there s Lisbeth who s fourteen and really close toetting molested by her captor Sam has a huge part to play but really remains in the background for much of the bookI m not oing to say that reading this book was a waste of time because it surely wasn t I personally loved the detailed writing just like with Old Yeller We also appreciated the appearance of many of the original characters from the previous book Bud Searcy s character is somewhat redeemed in this installment which was nice It just wasn t as enjoyable of a read but we did still enjoy parts of the story The book also lacks the artistic element that Old Yeller possessed because there aren t many illustrations so we did miss thatOverall it was the descriptive writing of the country landscape wildlife details and of course our curiosity to discover what would happen to Sam and the family that kept us reading to the finish We ll be reading the third and final book Little Arliss nextHardcoverPublisher HarperCollins Publishers First Edition edition January 1 1962Language EnglishISBN 10 0060115602ISBN 13 978 006011560935 star. Brother are kidnapped by an Indian raiding party and Savage Sam the son of the beloved yellow dog leads a frantic chase to bring them ba. Sam It became apparent to us right away that this book was oing to be very different from Old Yeller Savage Sam opens at the Coates homestead with Bud Searcy bounding in on his horse to warn the family of incoming Native Americans The family are hesitant to believe him as we learned in Old Yeller Searcy tells many stories and is uite a windbag but just to be safe Travis heads off on his horse along with Lisbeth to find Sam Yeller s son and his little brother Arliss They ride out and find Arliss and Sam hunting a bobcat Little Arliss even though a year older is still as ornery as ever and won t listen to Travis s commands All Arliss can think to do is catch the bobcat during this scuffle a catch the bobcat During this scuffle a of Native Americans ride in unexpectedly and capture them all both boys are and capture them all Both boys are and Sam seems to have been brutally injured before running off As the Native Americans hastily whisk them away on horseback the future looks bleak and Travis wonders if he ll ever see home again Where are the Native Americans taking them Will they ever be rescued Is Sam oing to surviveMy children are right at this period 1870 s in their history studies which was perfectly timed with reading Old Yeller and Savage Sam While their history *textbook seems to hide much of the turbulence of this time Fred Gibson doesn t spare on * seems to hide much of the turbulence of this time Fred Gibson doesn t spare on details in fact I do believe he does a very nice job writing this time in history throughout this fictional narrative It s full of adventure but it s also distressing and a poignant reminder of the difficulties during this tumultuous time between the Native Americans and settlers Some readers today might have some contensious debates over the use of terms particularly the names used with describing the Native Americans. Ith a sense of young wonder and even at time with humor –New York Times Book ReviewIn this seuel to Old Yeller Travis and his younger. Savage Sam

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A tale of the son of Old Yeller this is a very exciting book for a disney story Travis and Lisbeth along with Arlus and Sam are taken by Indians has a savage western feel to it and the story is full of action danger and even leans on some adult topics to a degree I found this book captivating suspenseful and exciting reat read for most any age use discretion on that there is violence and a rape attempt They do not hide the fact that these are savage indians or how they treat the captives but it is written with some descretion that kids would be reading itIt was like reading a cowboy And Indians Story Except In indians story except in case it was these young teens a kid and a dog and how they survive the ordeal of being taken and finding out how much of old yeller resides in samI just absolutely loved this story as a kid and I still think today I would find it just as exciting as its a story that I still recall by name today and remember well absolutely loved this book Love it then Old Yeller one of the best seuels right *Up There With Con Of * there with Con of Trek Read this book today to satisfy a parent complaint of content with crimes against women nope Scalpings Indian killings Snakes eating baby rabbits Hailstorms Life in the rugged wild West oh yes but killings Snakes eating baby rabbits Hailstorms Life in the rugged wild West oh yes but no crimes against women unless you count kidnapping 3 children were taken from their home in Texas and subjected to a wild ride across the plains with dad and other Indian hunters close behind Savage Sam is the family s dog who manages against all odds to track the children down Compelling book but I m not sure an elementary student is mature enough or has a stomach for all the violence After reading Old Yeller a few weeks ago my children were eager to Jimmy: The Terrorist get right into the seuel Savage. What Mr Gipson has written is the story of arim situation a desperate chased filled with brutality and heroism yet he has written it

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