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Er trip And I missed my Kade damn much like you people really have no idea how much I ve missed so damn like you people really have no
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how much I ve et some rest okay We ll be oing through Hell tomorrow He means that uite literally people And I missed his sass the boy knows how to throw down well I m not oing to stop you if you really want to take it off he said his eyes sliding downward And I really missed Dominic that boy reminds me so much of myself what I mean is in a really horrible situation we find humor in the stupidest of things well I always find humor in stupid things whatever You re all jealous Dom sputtered covering his biceps with his sleeves They re just jealous of you he whispered to his arm In the events in this book I m not sure what team I m on any Team Kade or Team Ethon but I know one thing if Kade didn t do something totally stupid he d probably still have something but he went and did something totally stupid and no I can t say that would be a total spoiler and I know how much you people hate them Another wonder addition to this incredible world of Cameo s Each book ets better than the lastThis. E Midway has refused to send help so they are left to seek out the only other who can stop LucianA perilous uest sends Emma and a few Guardians into the Underworld where the unimaginable ab. OHMYLANTA After reading book one Hidden Wings which was a reat intro to this series I couldn t wait to read this one Not only did it not disappoint but it surpassed my expectationsThis book takes us through hell and back literally At one point I actually Jimmy: The Terrorist gasped out loud shocked at what had just happened I can t recall ever actuallyasping over a book before Have my heart ache How to Live the James Bond Lifestyle: The Complete Seminar get the chills cry maybe but notasp out loud Broken Wings is my first asperRelationships develop and progress through book two as well making me fall in love with these Characters Even I Even even I even the immortal hellish characters and monsters that are introduced view spoilerSince this series started I d been waiting for one of these awesome characters to bite the dust for the author to select her first casualty and that happens in this one with a reat friend and ally fighting to the death I doubt it will be the only one but I sure hope it is hide spoiler Sweet mother of all that s holy I really did miss Emma
And Her Thoughts Because Lucian 
her thoughts because Lucian of the elders of the Fallen is a psychopath on a pow. Emma’s world is falling apart and Kade the only one who seems to hold her together is missing With death lingering right outside their door decisions must be made before it’s too lateTh. Broken Wings

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Time we et to see the build between Emma and Samuel as well as Kade They take a 5 step Journey and along the way learn a lot about each other She realizes how much he does love her and with the aid of a few incredible ifts she is Heads of the Colored People given for their journey she makes it through some really incredibly tough times Some funny moments in the story from Dominic who is so adorable and is fully aware of it Even still you can t help but love him The story takes place over 5 months so we are all anxious for her birthday toet here and see what emerges from this beautiful young woman Totally catches the mind You want to et lost in the book and not put it Down Till It S Done Which I till it s done Which I am a huge fan of Cameo s work as she is such a discriptive writer and I am right there in the story along with the heroine Feeling everything she feels I can t recommend it highly enough After writing this book my mind is still trying to wrap around everything that happened This is one crazy crazy adventure I need a vacation after writing this one but this is definitely my best work so fa. Ide to beseech the Prince of Darkness himself LuciferNow they must endure the deadly levels of Hell which not one mortal or immortal has ever survivedPrepare for love loss and the unexpecte. ,

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