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Resonance of Suffering: Countertransference in Non-Neurotic Structures rE my affection for the universeun away SCREAMING THIS BOOK PLEASE LISTEN IT APPARENTLY APPEALED from this book please listen it apparently appealed to those who cannot stand Harry Dresden All the similarities aside this book has a very distinct and fun voice and is less pulpy much lighter on the magical stuff and whimsy and heavier on dry humor and police procedurals as well as geekiness than the Chicago wizard books I d like to say that I emembered the practice of exchanging hostages from school history classes or from stories of precolonial life in Sierra Leone but the truth was that it came up while playing Dungeons and Dragons when I was thirteenPeter Grant is joining the anks of my favorite characters with his self deprecating humor firmly Domesticating Drink: Women, Men, and Alcohol in America, 1870-1940 rooted in pop culture and modern world as well as his own complicated family dynamics A probationary constable who isecruited into a small now consisting of 2 people department of London police dealing with the supernatural he approaches learning magic from a viewpoint of a natural scientist carrying out experiments creating theories and even using science and valid deductions to counteract the villain in one of the major confrontations All helped along with humor and told in a narrative voice that is very even keeled even when the protagonist is faced with a life or death situation and which in my opinion adds to the appeal of this story We did an hour of practice at the end of which I was capable of flinging a fireball down the Lord Byron at Harrow School: Speaking Out, Talking Back, Acting Up, Bowing Out range at the dizzying speed of a bumblebee who d met his pollen uota and was taking a moment to enjoy the view And the city Ben Aaronovitch s love for London is contagious London is very much a character in this story and way than just a setting The history the streets the landmarks even theivers in this story are captivating I love when that happens in books and I thoroughly enjoyed it in this story Being a seasoned Londoner Martin gave the body the London once over a uick glance to determine whether this was a drunk a crazy or a human being in distress The fact that it was entirely possible for someone to be all three simultaneously is why good Samaritanism in London is considered an extreme sport like BASE jumping or crocodile wrestling But wait there for a second Nataliya you must be wondering if you loved this book so much then a why don t you marry it and b why the hell did you just 3 Star It Huh Well Here S Why it huh Well here s why I love the narrative voice and the protagonist to pieces I find the storylines not very memorable or compelling I m sure I ll Teaching Machines: Learning from the Intersection of Education and Technology remember Peter Grant for years to come but I ll be hard pressed toemember what the hell the story was about No it s not hard to follow but it s just not that memorable and honestly not that engrossing Moreover the two main stories in this book aptly Sisi: Empress on Her Own represented by the titles that the different sides of the ocean have chosen Midnight Riot and Rivers of London felt to me uite separate from each other connected only by the fact that Peter Grant was involved in both of them I think Aaronovitch should have either connected them together in a meaningful way or has chosen one of them to focus on Despite my gripes with the storylines I was so enad with the narration and the humor and the protagonist that I will without a doubtead the next book in the series and will highly ecommend this one Peter Grant for the win 35 stars If you ask any police officer what the worst part of the job is they will always say breaking bad news to elatives but this is not the truth The worst part is staying in the oom after you ve broken the news so that you e forced to be there when someone s life disintegrates around them Some people say it doesn t bother them such people are not to be trusted By the way here is my The Life of Samuel Johnson review of the second book in the series Moon Over SohoFor theeview of the third book Whispers Underground head over here and for the fourth one Broken Homes over here. U never suspectedGran't story starts when he tries to take a witness statement from a man who was already dead And take him down a twisting turning centuries' old mystery that eckons to set London on fir. .

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Kino! Wir alle sind, was wir gelesen: Aufsätze und Reden zur Literatur The Glories of Czestochowa and Jasna Gora: Miracles Attributed to Our Lady's Intercession The Sweethearts: Tales of Love, Laughter and Hardship from the Yorkshire Rowntree's Girls
Thoughts on the bookmy eviewThoughts on the audio versionAs many people have noted Kobna Holbrook Smith is a fabulous Presidential Secrecy and the Law reader Turns out he is an actor and director is well with a long list of tv credits which is kind of a bummer because I hope he continues to have time for the Peter Grant seriesHolbrook Smith is clearly a talented voice actor who can understandably convey aange of London accents from that of an 19th century itenerant to Nightingale s posh early 20th century to current police vernacular I also found his Danish and Jamaican accents amusing Ever since an unfortunate experience with the Stephanie Plum audio I m particularly impressed when actors are able to voice characters of the opposite sex without making it sound fake Holbrook Smith is able to give Leslie a decent voicing but it eally shines when view spoilershe transforms into Punch hide spoiler Posted at Shelf InflictedI m a fan of Jim Butcher s Dresden Files series even though I got tired and stopped eading after 9 After a while the stories became too Hume on Religion repetitive and I didn t see any significant growth in Harry s character His smart ass comments that were amusing in the earlier books started getting annoying towards the end In the hopes I would find a funead similar to the Dresden books I picked up Midnight Riot It wasn t a bad book but it wasn t a great one either Peter Grant was an interesting character He is a constable in London s Metropolitan Police who wants to be a detective but his superior thinks he is better suited for pushing paper Finding a headless corpse in The Actors Church in Covent Garden and talking with a ghost who witnessed the crime draws him to Thomas Nightingale the force s investigator of supernatural crimes Under Nightingale s patient tutelage Peter learns how magic works and how to hone his investigative skills He is kept very busy as the body count increases and his negotiation skills are called upon to help Master Plots: Race and the Founding of an American Literature, 1787-1845 resolve the differences between the magicalulers of the Thames River This is when the story seemed to lose focus for me There were two stories in one and neither was compelling enough to keep my interest I found my attention wandering numerous times and took breaks to City Schools: Lessons from New York read other stories I loved that Peter is mixedace his father a failed jazz musician and his mother a cleaning woman from Sierra Leone While I enjoyed how the ethnic and The Widow's Lawman racial diversity of London was portrayed I couldn teally get a feel for the city I need than street names mention of famous landmarks and eferences to TV shows or movies I haven t seen or heard of Too many acronyms became confusing and I found myself going back in the story to find out what they stand for Overall the story was fast paced but not especially gripping I liked Peter s voice his witty sense of humor and his scientific approach to Magic But Like Harry But like Harry his sexual maturity never exceeds the level of a teenage boy even though he is attracted to his colleague Leslie and Beverly Brook daughter of Mother Thames I m not sure if I ll continue with the series Rivers of London US title Midnight Riot by Ben Aaronovitch 2011 I eceived this book as a gift a ather long time ago It Sat In My To sat in my to ead pile for far too long because I am embarrassed to admit of its cover which looked dreary and literary I should instead have looked city people be like first of all i wasn t too keen on what happens to lesley but i guess you can t make an omelette without ducks flung shoe anywaythis painfully white guy i used to know God Gave Me a Mulligan: A Journalist's Life in War and Peace read this book too and he said aaronovitch s handling oface annoyed him because while there is awesomeness like various london water goddesses being nigerians aaronovitch himself is not nigerian and people who speak authoritatively about Elephant Slaves and Pampered Parrots: Exotic Animals in Eighteenth-Century Paris races not their own are typically embarrassing and distastefuland it s true mostly that s grossusuallybut somehow i got through this book and all th. I used to be probationary constable in that mighty army for justice known to allight thinking people as the Metropolitan Police Service and to everyone else as the FilthMeet DC Peter Grant He will show. .
Rivers of LondonE way through the next one in the series without once being offended by that stuffi noted it ead up on the author s background but without once being offended by that stuffi noted it ead up on the author s background but i was just like hah yeah all the nigerians i ever met were totally like thati think a certain thing happens to you when you live in a huge multicultural city like london or nyc that entitles you To A Kind Of Bald And Horrendously a kind of bald and horrendously PC pragmatism about our differences that some people who don t happen to grow up living on top of one another in a glorious shitpile of cultures never have a eason to developit s not something i m proud of exactly not exactly but life in a place like that encourages a certain a certain well look when someone in the neighborhood asks me where to buy bootlegged and thus cheaper cigarettes i send them to the arabsit s just a thing that we do here it sounds gross but the place is literally The Arena: An Offering to Contemporary Monasticism run by arabs and all places like it in this city are almost alwaysun by arabs like that s where one goes to the arabs and everyone here knows what that means when you want some twee macrobiotic coconut water shit you go to the korean market a greasy spoon a greek diner named for athena or zeus or whatevera bag of chips and a sandwich your local dominican bodega of course ayo bodega cat get off muh chipz ok i m illy serious this timediamondsyou bettuh believe your goyim ass is going to the jewsand just you try to catch a yellow cab not driven by a south asian dude the gypsy cabs are all driven by dominicans which i know not just because i live here but because i am a dominican and i literally used to be a dominican gypsy cab driver and yes disappointed drunk people on their way home from bars or clubs often ask to pay their fare in blowjobsso as a native new yorker in love with new york i appreciated aaronovitch s plainly visible love for his london in just those ways and while i ve never lived there i can certainly believe everything he wrote about it i ecognized new york in iti felt like i got it the A Kangaroo's Life racial side stuff and nothing bothered me about it especially since i was pretty much over the moon with having a mixedace MC and various non punchline ueers and very strong female characters to bootthe mystery isn t bad at all its your basic paranormal police procedural and i m eally happy i ead it as it diverted my feeble mind during a difficult time trying to uit going to the arabs for cigarettes PS hilariously it is somehow also NYC convention to pronounce arabs like an appalachian hillbilly or something for no Filosofía e inmanencia reason i can fathom as in yo i m gonna go to the AEabz for a loosie you want Rivers of London is a fun mix of so many things that I love in my pleasure The Monacan Indian Nation of Virginia: The Drums of Life reads the geekiness and the science the dry British humor and the magicalmythicalphantasmagorical stuff in a big city What s not to like My whole life basically Really Examples Terry Pratchett Neil Gaiman even some of China Mi ville s stuff Examples Harry Dresden books China Mi ville Neil Gaiman even Sir Terry Carved above the lintel were the words SCIENTIA POTESTAS EST Science points east I wondered Science is portentous yes Science protests too much Scientific potatoesule Had I stumbled on the lair of dangerous plant geneticistsThe US titled Midnight Riot which used to be called Rivers of London before some American publisher undoubtedly decided that the target audience should NOT be aspiring US based geographers is a great ead for me a self proclaimed devout Dresdenite as in Harry Dresden the Chicago wizard for hire and not so much the German city It has all the surface similarities to that series a magically inclined PI constable collaborating with the police force of a big city to solve magical crimes while interacting with a slew of mythical creatures and engaging in self deprecating pop culture eferences laden humor and in case of Peter Grant lacking the borderline misogynous chivalry But before you those who do not shar. You his city But it's not the capital that you see as you make your way from tube to bus from Elephant to Castle It's a city that under its dark surface is packed full of crime And of magic A city that yo.

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