Moving Neutral Moving Neutral #1 (READ)

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Book conveys it well In this Moving Neutral just feels like any other band who happens to have a big hit I don t know what kind of music *they write they play and it really brought the book down to me2 The shocking revelation *write they play and it really brought the book down to me2 The shocking revelation Casey is a better singer than April because Casey scored a perfect on a Rock Band song This is coming from someone who knows shit about vocal theory and I cried major bullshit Rock Band vocals are based on how the singer matches the original pitch of the song If April s a professional singer but oh no of course she s not then she would have a different pitch and range than the song reuires It s also mentioned that the song Casey scores a perfect on is a song she s extremely familiar with so I m not surprised she would get a higher score It s like saying I m a great dancer because I can score 100% on certain DDR songs 3 This is of nitpick than a problem but it still pissed me off It s mentioned that one of the band members is Elvis Costello s grandson It s plausible but my believability meter can only stretch so farIt s not horribly written but the lack of sympathetic character and the trite plot twists were simply uninteresting There are better music books out there Casey ran away with a rock starread a Disney rock starfrom her overprotective parents Ohmanif my kid did this I would slap her senseless First of all I wouldn t raised her to be this stupid And since she got into a great college I don t think she is the type to run away when something doesn t go her way I think this book doesn t make any sense deleting reviews if ou want to take a look at them Painting Landscapes from Your Imagination you can do so on my blog link on my profile I actually enjoyed the book even though I read a review that spoiled the ending Casey has just finished high school and is counting down the days until she starts Columbia in the Fall Casey and her best friend Madison are huge fans of the group Moving Neutral and are excited to go to their concert a few days after graduation A twist of fate leaves her grounded and unable to go to the concert so she sneaks off figuring that since she is grounded for the rest of the summer anyway ther 35 starsTo be honest when I think of this book I think of it like a wish fulfillment or fantasy situation I mean the whole randomly bumping inour favourite singer and #FALLING IN LOVE AND GOING ON TOUR WITH HIM #in love and going on tour with him s the plot of a zillion fanfics out there It s incredibly unlikely to happen and Lippenbekenntnisse yet so much fun to read about Moving Neutral was predictable at times but it definitely kept me readingI would have liked to have gotten scenes of Casey and Blake falling for each other getting to know Blake instead of just hearing second hand about how awesome he is That s my only real complaint about the book though I think this is one of those books that speak for themselves You know whatou re getting when Chasing McCree Chasing McCree you choose to read the book and it delivers on those expectations It s a book that isn t at all realisticet it s completely fun It s like candy in a book form if that makes sense If Impossible Things you re looking for that fun frothy type of contemporary read then this is definitely a great book forou. A plan to sneak out of her house for the concert And as she’s standing in line at a coffee shop near the show everything changes Because behind her is Blake Parker ready to sweep her away for the best summer of her lif. Along with her I started getting caught up in the suspense of wondering when Blake would find out about Casey s lie and how he would react There are seriously unrealistic parts to the book like Casey going on tour "With Her Idol After One Night Of Acuaintance But There "her idol after one night of acuaintance but there some really interesting bits too I liked that Blake was so kind to Casey and that he wasn t sticking his tongue down her throat every page They have this really relaxed slightly wishful lusting mainly hugging predominantly friends relationship I found this nice because Blake is like this mouth watering rockstar Because of Blake s stardom Casey sort of just disregards everything else but him Blake could put out an album of dogs barking and ambulance sirens and I d probably still buy it It doesn t seem to be a very healthy relationship but at least she recognises that She s not only worrying about Blake discovering the truth but just dumping her in general so i removed one star because it kinda ended what the hell do i say to that it was expected that he will go to Columbia but she did lie and he got over that just because of a note sophie was like a BFF to Casey while they were on the road and in the end they just stop communicating not a word after Casey send the dress back to her Casey s parents i mean she run away from home she is 18 but still not a word and when she got back they got her everything she needs for moving to campus and there was no words about her famous status so i guess if there were a seuel to this book that will answer all these this for me i would give it a 5 bc all in all i had a really great time reading this book I think I m falling out with fluffy books because this didn t do anything for me at all If I had #Read This When I #this when I Keto Diet for Beginners: The Keto Diet Cookbook with Quick and Healthy Recipes incl. 30 Days Weight Loss Plan younger I would have thought it cute and romantic but I m reading this at my age and thinking Well this is every single RPF popfic that I had to slog through to get to some good stuff Of course Casey s favorite band member is cute and sensitive he reads poetry and buys antiue books and the lead female singer is a bitch and ughAnd I m sorry Casey is a spoiled brat I was stunned that she managed to have her dream summer without any conseuence from her family She s self centered she never once worries about what her family must be going through and when she comes back Casey just gets to go to Columbia with her parents footing the bill and paying for anything If I were in her shoes I d be working my ass off every single break afterward Yes her parents are strict but I can t sympathize with Casey at allThe plot is boring but seeing as Casey spends most of the time on the tour bus with the band I gave that a bit of a pass because well I m pretty sure that tour buses are boring But there really wasn t much to Casey and the rest of the band We don t even get a sense of how far Casey is out of her element And there s three things that really bothered me 1 My problem with a lot of music books like this is that it s so focused on the celebrity aspect and not the music Even if the main character isn t a musician of some sortou can still get a feel for what the music s like if the. Ouse on the weekends Worst of all she’s not allowed to see her favorite band Moving Neutral whose lead guitarist Blake Parker just might be the love of Casey’s lifeBut with her best friend’s help Casey comes up with. I really liked this book I wish it picked up a little sooner and I wish Cassie would have been honest a little sooner but it was a wonderful book The ending was perfect Blake seemed like a really good guy and I liked that He stuck by this thoughts and feelings and I liked that Sophie was awesome and Jesse and April annoyed me most of the book April was a bith and Jesse always sided with herWishing for another book from their time at Columbia I freakin LOVED this book Blake Parker was Wachten op Apollo your uintessential rockstar hottie and it was easy to see how Casey fell for him I loved how reading this felt likeou were on tour with Moving Neutral especially the behind the scenes band dramatics and life on the tour bus The story seemed like it just might have ended on a cliffhanger hopefully and I m definitely hoping for a seuel I had been waiting for awhile keeping my eye on this book and was so excited the day it went free The great things about when books go free is I can check it out see how much I like the author and if I like the book I will be likely to pay for another book from the same author It is a win win for everyone I can say with all honesty that I would definitely pay for another book by Katy Atlas I enjoyed the characters a lot especially Blake He seemed so down to earth and honest that I couldn t help but love him The only thing that bugged me was the big lie in the book didn t seem like that big of a deal That s a pet peeve of mine with any book though It seems like something that would be SO easy to explain right when it happened is blown up because the lead female or male refuses to be honest right then I think the reason #I liked the story line so much which was actually very fan fiction ish was because I could relate #liked the story line so much which was actually very fan fiction ish was because I could relate little bit Casey s parents are a bit over protective She s over eighteen and still has an eleven pm curfew I had parents like that I understand the reasoning now but when I was newly eighteen Not so much She wanted one last summer of freedom and fun and excitement before she got serious and settled down into college In my opinion that is a very common feeling among kids straight of high school Her decisions may not have been wise and they may not have been overly rational but really not all eighteen ears are ration or wise Katy Atlas has a wonderful writing style that flowed well for me It was easy to read and follow and I wasn t distracted by disjointed sentences or poor grammar Casey s voice was very genuine and easy to relate to in most circumstances It was a uick easy fun read and I would recommend it Best of all No love triangles Besides pretty girls never get carded An hour later it was clear that either I wasn t that pretty or pretty girls do apparently get carded in ClevelandI kind of read this book on the bus to pass the time and I wasn t even going to rate it on Goodreads because I didn t really read it just sort of skimmed It s a horrible ridiculous book But it caught my attention every now and then because the author knows how to make me relate to Casey I felt Casey s frustration fear exasperation relief and exhilaration I experienced her story right. Casey Snow is grounded for life or at least until she leaves for college After driving her car into the side of her parents’ garage Casey is stuck filing papers in her mom’s office during the day and confined to her ,

Characters Moving Neutral Moving Neutral #1

Moving Neutral Moving Neutral #1

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