A pleasant surprise The positive thing first This book is entertaining as hell Plus if you re familiar with the document series this is a welcome addition to them and you can picture the situations described within However unfortunally this book is apparently made for this exact audience People who have seen the show the next point of seen the show The next point of is the lack of a clear structure in this book While the various experiences Ross Kemp details are written down or less thematically he jumps from one occasion to the next without any clear sense of order plus he cross references to sections of this book where other things happened while he and his team were in one particular place I would ve prefered a system where he would describe everything that happened in one location then move on to the adventures in the next one That would ve made it easier for me at least Also Ross Kemp has a pretty unusual style of writing and describing that s a bit too weird for my taste Sometimes that is Plus some of his jokes are rather unnecessary If

you have seen 
have seen documentaries you don t learn anything new Consider this book to be a written making of with some limpses behind the scenes A weirdly structured and weirdly written making of So funny Can pick up and put down and has you in creases I loved this book and I will probably reread it again at some point I am a huge fan of Ross Kemp having loved all of his books I was really intrigued by. Ross Kemp's fascinating uide of the worst places in the worldWant to know where to discover the perfect sunset in Fiji How about a tropical paradise in St Lucia or one of the world’s beautiful natural wonders in the AlpsWell this. .
A Z of Hell

Ross Kemp ☆ 9 characters

Travels around the lobe in a somewhat different A to Z "format My eyes were lued from the first page right up " eyes were lued from the first page right up the final page I d recommend book to anyone who has an interest in the dangerous sides of life around the Fan on his documentaries and thoroughly enjoyed Riding Hard getting an honest opinion of the situations he finds himself in and things he probably couldn tet away with saying on TV Balls of steel Ross Kemp has been in some pretty crazyscaryuestionable situations He s also met some truly evil people up to you if you think it s rightokay to stick with the interview and ignore the atrocitiesSome of it is lighthearted awful food cringey living conditions and the like Wow what a life Ross Kemp has lead A fascinating insight into the experiences of this madbrave journalist If you have seen his series Extreme World you will recognise many of the people and places encountered in this book Places visited include Columbia Russia Congo Venezuela Afghanistan etc The people encountered are drug lords prisoners rapists murderers All places and people that a sane human being would not like to visit The style of writing is easy to read with chapters linking people and places throughout Most of the incidents are horrendous the violence hatred and fear encountered are written down in a straight forward manner which leaves you in no doubt how he was feeling at the time Definitely places to ton NOT put on your bucket list. Haunted house in Belize then look no further Ross Kemp has visited the worst places in the world and here in Belize then look no further Ross Kemp has visited the worst places in the world and here are in all their horror – in a handy A to Z formatThis is not one hell of a travel Arabian Challenge guide This is a traveluide to hell. The sound of A Z of Hell Having read all of Ross s previous books and now this it really is a wonder he is still alive You only have to watch one of his brilliant television series to know that he is an incredibly brave man putting his life on the line to highlight to his audience some of the dangers people face around the world It s easy to forget then that it isn t just Ross the stories in this book also focus on the people that have been there for him throughout all of the series the crew members such as him throughout all of the series the crew members such as cameramen who again put their own lives on the line to make what is essentially entertainment for the audience This is not one hell of a travel uide This is a travel uide to hellSome of the tales will be recognised by those that have watched his various programmes yet rather than being repetitive they are told through fresh eyes Der Verlorene Koffer: A Graded Reader for Beginning Students giving the reader a new insight There are some truly heartwarming stories in the book as well from the adventures the team haveot up to to stories about the people Ross has met along the way It s also very much a celebration of what Ross and class="f9d7d968f0408f7e24a9b6033fc2d5ac" style="color: #003366; font-size: 24px;">"The Team Have Accomplished " team have accomplished the years The book was just too short for me Or perhaps because I enjoyed it so much it was over before I wanted it to be Fans of Ross s shows or his books yet to pick this book up should definitely do so Great background to his TV programmes Disappointingly short book Loved this book Tells the reader about Ross. Is NOT the book for youBut if you want to know about meeting transvestite prostitutes in a South African prison or being attacked for a can of tuna in the Congo buying crack cocaine in a Venezuelan prison or being chased by dogs in

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