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Art author Doris KutschbachUt on first words from body parts Salvador Dali lips a humorous nose by Edward Lear to Michelangelo s iconic hands from the Sistine ceiling to actions play with Cassatt children in the sand swing with Fragonard ru. Dinsky Durer Rousseau Franz Marc and #OTHERS ARE FEATURED IN FULL #are featured in beautiful full reproductions Opposite each image is a word that helps describe the painting for instance play bunny horse train The words Are Presented In Twelve Different presented in twelve different each with their phonetic pronunciation Organized thematically the book touches on a child's ev. ,

characters Art author Doris Kutschbach


Works of art are paired #with common first words in 12 different languages I don t think #common first words in 12 different languages I don t think ve seen another book ite like this The focus is not on the fine art per se young children don t care who a painting is by This beautiful introduction to art and language features some of the world's most beloved masterpieces as it entices children to discover art language objects and colors First pictures first words this familiar and time proven book concept for young children is incorporated brilliantly in this multi lingual art book The works of Renoir Kan.
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N with Greek athlete across vase A neat idea Would like to see how children respondalthough I m not sure about the smiling spider for happy or Archimoboldo s fruit face for Autumn even though Autumn is the titl. Eryday experience through simple comforting images that invite further investigation What are the men playing with What does the bunny's fur feel like How many teddy bears do you see Together adults and children can explore great works planting the seeds for an appreciation of the world's masterpieces and the words to describe the.

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