[Fighting to Forget The Fighters of Absinthe #4] Pdf ¿ Jenika Snow

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T least five times "I Loved This Book "loved this book #very entertaining read that was brutal at times emotional at times #entertaining read that was brutal at times emotional at times just as sweet at times I loved the characters who were both amaged but came together to heal and move on from their pasts A really enjoyable read Just wish it was longer and eveloped it honestly would been a really good story if so A very nice short read 25 starsThis would have been a way better read if it was longer and fleshed out I enjoyed the start and getting to know the characters but they went from barely Saying Hi To Saying ILY In A hi to saying ILY in a of pages This was the biggest let own no build up of chemistry Ah happy sighI love this series and was just a tad excited when I realised Jenika had written another instalment I read this is one sitting and fell hopelessly in love with the hero Such a tragic past to get overHe finds the perfect heroine in Tasha and I simply loved the way these two healed each other Naturally the sex scenes were sizzling as you expect from Jenika but what had me hooked far was the emotional connection between these twoFantastic read. Knows the arkness he carries inside will only hurt everyone in the end But he wants Tasha sees a vulnerability and innocence in her and he wants esperately to let himself love again Can Larson let go of his past and embrace a future with Tasha Does he even want to risk. .
Fighting to Forget The Fighters of Absinthe #4Larson and Tasha have iff pasts to run from to forget Running to each other may just be the balm to soothe the pain that plagues them bothFrom start to finish you get hit in all the feels Another great read from the lovely Jenika Can t wait for the next onei really enjoyed this book for the oneI really enjoyed this book for the part Like all of Jenikas books I wish it was longer The characters and plot are both well eveloped to carry a longer length story that may have less time gaps I received this book as an ACR for an honest reviews I love this story Larson is a fighter who has gone thru hell and "Is Still Trying To Make "still trying to make way out Tasha is trying to start her live this is their wonderful story of how two broken people can make the other whole again Jenika has one it AGAIN THE CHARACTERS TAKE YOU INTO THEIR WORLD AND the characters take you into their world and the ups and owns and all the happiness they finally get in the end Recommend to all lovers of gritty love stories or just love a great story Happy reading I received an ARC for an honest review Larson is an MMA fighter with a secret past Tasha is a young woman who has experienced. Ten years ago Larson Ireland’s wife was brutally murdered and ever since then he’s been fighting to forget and numb his pain and anger Tasha Mackenzie made the biggest mistake of her life at the age of seventeen Six years later she’s still trying to move on and start. Pain and loss Larson *and Tasha find a connection to each other and a relationship blossoms They help each other heal and in the *Tasha find a connection to each other and a relationship blossoms They help each other heal #And In The Find Love Their Relationship #in the find love Their relationship super sexy and full of emotion Larson is a wounded hero who the reader can relate to and we are rooting for the two of them throu I received an advanced copy from the Author for my "Honest ReviewJenika Has Done It "reviewJenika has one it Jenika writing style Almost Alchemy draws me in and takes hold and keeps me andoesn t let go until I m wishing for pagesThe story of Larson and Tasha two people who have been through hell and back Larson who is just fighting through life and Tasha is trying to get through life and just be happy This is a heartwarming story it made me feel warm and fuzzy with all the twists and turns Thank you once again Jenika for my few hours of escape I only wished it had been longer Like the story but the editing for all this authors books is terrible and the intimate scenes are almost word for word copies from book to book Like English for Academic Correspondence and Socializing deja vu This is only the second series of hers I ve read but I ve read this same sex scene Fresh With parents that see her as a shameful sinner whoisgraced them the only thing that Tasha looks forward to is seeing Larson at the gym where she works Larson oesn’t think he’s good enough to ever be with anyone again especially not a sweet woman like Tasha He. ,

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