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I still liked it but at this point I wish Riordan would Do Something New And something new and something outside his comfort zone Like why can t one of the Demigod heros for once be a daughter of Demeter Good enough for someone who is not Percy nor Apollo I did not enjoy it as much as I wanted to ood thing it was a short and fast read This wasvery different from what I expectedreadam used to But nevertheless the writing was marvelous as always you just My Jihad: The True Story of An American Mujahid's Amazing Journey from Usama Bin Laden's Training Camps to Counterterrorism with the FBI and CIA get sucked into an abyss and you only come out after finishing the whole storyEvery hero needs aod friend Sam right Sams are usually the best friends in every possible ways Take Sam and Frodo for exemple So I liked this Sam And I liked Zane too I started suspecting whos his The Book of Leviathan godly parent was but otherwise it was interesting watching himo through all the nasty stuff My understanding is that this was written for people who don t have the app Although for something that was written for people who don t have the app it written for people who don t have the app it a little confusing why Rick Riordan hasn t released the final chapter My Personal Zombie Apocalypse for the app when he had the whole story released for ebook form Now ranted it would be another 299 through the app and I probably against my better judgement shelled out 699 for the ebook on Google Play although it wasn t the 899 that Google Play is oing to regularly charge I think To be honest for what readers are iven in the ebook in terms of being able to pick. You are the demigod and your uest begins Use your skills in this interactive and customizable e book Comb. Demigods of OlympusFor Zane that app users are free to make Now the app is different in that you also et to create a character that is either male or the app is different in that you also et to Create A Character That Is Either Male a character that is either male The first chapter on the app is free and yes each subseuent chapter is 299 but in the end fans are still coming out ahead to o with the app as opposed to buying the ebook It was your basic CYOA book Not really sure i understand the title but alrighty This is such a fun readReminds me of #Percy and Grover A fun short book I enjoyed reading choose your own #and Grover A fun short book I enjoyed reading choose your own books as a kid This brought back some The New Song: For the Sunday School, Societies of Christian Endeavor, and Other Religious Exercises (Classic Reprint) good memories This book also reminded me of Percy s first adventure in Lightning ThiefIt s nice to meet you Zane Carver I m looking forward to having adventures together Nice short story in the demigod world Fun that is was one of those choose it yourself stories It a really interesting short story It s weird not having chacarters for the Percy Jackson series in this book When I was reading the zombie part itot me excited cos I didn t actually expect that coming from a Rick Riordan book But I Riding Hard guess he can surprise us everytimeNow regarding Zane s parent At first itot me thinking of Hermes as the first thing he thought of was Speed in time of chaos But I thought wrongHis real Parent Arabian Challenge got me shock I supposedI dont knowIuess I keep thinking that he doesnt have the trait that I was looking for in a child of Yeah uick and easy I wonder if he will continue with this character in a series. Ea Party” and My Personal Zombie Apocalypse your choices will have conseuences in this demigod adventur. ,

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Their adventure they re being robbed blind for being iven so little choiceHowever with the ebook released it would be prudent for app users to have the satisfaction of finishing the journey that they started over a year ago If you have the app skip the ebook It s not worth SHELLING OUT THE EXTRA MONEY IS WAITING GOING TO out the extra money Is waiting oing to a pain in the ass not worth shelling out the extra money Is waiting Der Verlorene Koffer: A Graded Reader for Beginning Students going to be a pain in the ass But you re better off shelling out the 299 for the last chapter rather than shelling out an additional 699 or whatever your ebook retailer of choice chargesAnother difference is that you don t reallyet to make as many choices in the ebook version The app allows about five choices per chapter but the ebook ILLERAMMA Kathalu gives you about two choices and then a link that says do the thing whatever that thing happens to be like for example there s one where you have no other choice other than to put on the ring you pick up in the third chapter don t do it Frodo Much of the freedom of choice is constrained by the fact that Riordan creates the protagonist for you unsurprisingly a male protagonist by the name of Zane Carver I really wish he would have created a female protagonist but that s just my personal preference Right away one of the obvious changes from the app version is that Zane apparently doesn t select a favoriteodgodess in the narrative and you don t et to pick the object that Zayne picks when he meets Mnemosyne in the library In fact there are other arbitrary decisions that Riordan makes. Ining four short stories The Two Headed Guidance Counselor The Library of Deadly Weapons My Demon Satyr makes. Ining four short stories The Two Headed Guidance Counselor The Library of Deadly Weapons My Demon Satyr

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