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Ibility I m not sure which one I like better The Secret Language of Dogs or this one both books are by the same author Read this if you want to understand your cat and have a better relationship Of the our or so books I have read on cat behaviour in the past this is the one that I ound most useful Lots of information on what it means when your cat act or sounds a certain way and why cats act as they do or example inherited behaviours So glad to have they do or example inherited behaviours So glad to have this as it helped me igure out why my cat was avoiding his Litter And What To Do To Solve This As Well and what to do to solve this as well shined light onto why my cat is up so early and sleeps all day and how to prevent him rom scratching my urniture any than he already has lucky he s so cute right. Raining addresses common health and behavioral problems and suggests ways to strengthen the bond with your eline riend Promptly and properly decoding eline messages is the key to both a contented cat and a confident owner The Secret Language of Cats takes the mysteries out of cat body language giving you the insight to gain a better understanding of your much loved pet. Mation about cat behavior *I Agree With The *agree with the reviewers brilliant book If you want to understand the why of cats this is your secret weapon I loved the tone too Not precious but obviously a cat lover wrote it one who lives with and understands cats If you love cats this book is Move Over, Victoria--I Know the Real Secret: Surrendering the Lies That Bind You to the God Who Frees You for you Every aspect of a cat s liferom birth to the higher plain is discussed This book talks of the Secret Language of cats and how can we learn to interpret it The book is ull of beautiful photos of real cats It talks of the different breeds needs of Cats How To Take Care Of Cats And Anything You how to take care of cats and anything you to know about cats This book is or ages 8 adult I would use it as a teacher to discuss animals cats independence love riendship and respons. Cats shows how to interpret what our elines are telling us interpret what our Pirates, Ships, and Sailors felines are telling us explains how they in turn interpret our body language and attempts to communicate and interact with themIf “home is where the cat is” then The Secret Language of Cats is where the answers are providingascinating and revealing insights into why cats act as they do It also contains practical advice or Cats are trainable although many elines smartly some would say Are Not Interested In Being Trained Dogs Being Trained Dogs To Please not interested in being trained Dogs want to please and are dependent on the approval of others As pack animals they are geared towards working War Made New: Technology, Warfare, and the Course of History: 1500 to Today for the betterment of the groupCats on the other hand have no need to please anyone but themselves As inherently solitary animals their instinct is to do what is bestor them and not a groupThis really can sometimes make dogs appear smarter as they seem to understand what is expected of them readily when the reality is that cats don t care what is expected of them and as independent creatures don t need validation A Boy in Winter from others That is not lack of brainpower it is simply independence It had some interesting infor. Cats are often thought to be solitary and hard to read but if you know what to lookor they possess a “secret language” that relies on expressions body postures behaviors and noises This language contains many subtle yet important nuances and is very different rom human verbal communication but it is nevertheless a language different rom human verbal communication but it is nevertheless a language can be learned The Secret Language of. Secret Language of Cats

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