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The Lady in Pink eIsclosure I hadnough of a hunch that it would be a true delight that I Eyes even read the AUDIOBOOK Yes that is correct I read a style guide on audio And I loved itThe reason many of us hate style guides so much is that they always seem so invested in telling usverything we are doing wrong and never giving us a very good reason for it xcept that they said so But Dreyer is a real person living in the real world and he is happy to give you reasons Even better he s happy to bend the rules or at Least Tell You Which Ones Are Worth tell you which ones are worth If you are not a grammar person this is such a breath of fresh air I have honestly never heard anyone talk about style with this kind of realism or humor I didn t actually think you could before nowDreyer is wry and funny and I probably laughed in the first hour of this audiobook than I have ver laughed listening to any audiobook Sinner's Heart ever I also learned things It is not just a romp through the world of writing style and copyediting it is actually useful I do plan to get an actual hard copy to consult in the future it s so much friendly than the other style guidesven though Dreyer ncourages you to have a few others on hand sorry I do not want those mean old broads in my bookshelves The audio does lose a bit of its punch when you get to the listing of commonly mistaken words and other such miscellany but I still happily came back to it time and time again just for shorter stretches at the nd I will happily add this to my list of Books Every Writer Should Own aka Books You Should Gift Your Writer Friends I see that lots of people were really impressed with this book I wasn t Dreyer writes in a generally lively humorous manner but he is often verbose and the clarity promised in the subtitle is sometimes lacking As well he is at times noncommittal declining to weigh in clearly on some of the thornier grammar and usage issues An undue amount of time is spent on commonly misspelled proper nouns pertaining to the rich and famous Little than paddingI liked this book far less than I thought I would I appreciated some of Dreyer s points but I m inclined to stick with the style guides I currently use Dreyer s work is also somewhat problematic for Canadians We sometimes use British ways and other times AmericanIn addition there are lots of footnotes sometimes long ones very long ones WhyOh and did I mention he also likes to use lots of footnotes Come for the text but

for the footnotes This is witty and informative guide to copy Spirit of the Wolf editing I might have thought that a copyditor would be hidebound with a guide that tells you what is always right and what is always wrong Dreyer is open to what others might consider wrong such as liaise as a verb though he can still be very much peeved by impact used instead of affect Grammar punctuation formatting and word choice did very much peeved by impact used instead of affect Grammar punctuation formatting and word choice did mention that he s also a huge fan of the series comma are all covered in an amusing style Any author who blithely throws in a wonderful teabagging joke won t be accused of producing a dry book I ll A Vineyard Christmas end with a uote from his Peeves and Crotchets chapterINCENTIVIZE The only thing worse than the ungodly incentivize is its satanic little sibling incen. Everything writers can do to keep readers focused on the real reason writers write to communicate their ideas clearly andffectively Chock full of advice insider wisdom and fun facts on the rules and nonrules of the English language this book will prove invaluable to Een Bijzondere Vorm Van Osteosclerose everyone who wants to shore up their writing skills mandatory for people who spend their timediting and shaping other people's prose and perhaps best of all an utter treat for anyone who simply revels in language. .
Editor then Production Editor and finally Copy Chief at Random House now one of the largest book publishers in the United States In this BN podcast interview Dreyer describes
distinction between those jobs and after he moved into management he had an opportunity to circle back and spend time highlighting discrepancies between good and bad writing He s awfully good at it he s funny and he s seen it all in his nearly thirty years in the business I kept thinking how much there is to know about using language ven for native speakers and how useful this material is to all of us So I went and bought the hardcopyDreyer admits to hating grammar that is he hates grammar jargon Which is just fine because I usually just skip those parts What the heck I figure If I haven t learned it yet what good will it do it yet what good will it do I am not a completist I tried to follow his rules in this review so far as I recall them having laughed through half of them and listened with half an ar when he hit on something I d worried over in the pastmy memories probing that sore place like a tongue in the socket of a lost tooth How reassuring it is to me to know that the past tense of wreak is wreaked something with which I have struggled There was a point on a long drive when I started laughing uncontrollably at the stuff he says In this case it was GRISLYGRISTLYGRIZZLYGRIZZLEDGory crimes are grislyTough meat is gristlySome bears are grizzlyMistaken references to grizzly crimes unless committed by actual bears in which case OK are xtremely popular although good for a chuckle and to be avoided strenuously Grizzled refers to hair streaked with gray and by xtension it does make a decent synonym for old It does not mean as many people seem to think it does Hot Shot (North Ridge Book 3) either unkempt or ruggedIt s okay if you didn t laugh at that I m telling you Dreyer s wit is cumulative If you havever seen those old books by Richard Lederer I recall one was called Anguished English you ll know Math Basics 6 exactly what I mean Three generations of my family sat shouting and crying with laughter at the difficulty of writing wellPeople who write for a living won t want to miss this Journalists novelists public speakers politicians business people who write reports social media junkies When he actually points out our commonrrors we admit with chagrin it looks and sounds silly Best book on the English language you are likely to Voyage to the Underworld (Star Wars Missions, ever read You ll laugh as much as you learn Don t skip the footnotes What if I told you that there s a style guide written in such anffervescent wry witty The First Ghost engaging voice that you would want to read it on the beach What if I told you that it was soxpertly written you can t help but be a better writer for having read it Dear reader you are in luck This is that magical book This deserves a place next to Strunk White on very shelf This has got to be the most pleasurable book on English ver written If you think I am not the kind of person to read a style guide you are correct I do not read them for fun or pleasure and I try to avoid them ven for professional growth But I knew this one would be different as I ve followed Dreyer on Twitter for several years and he also follows me full Ard in writing prose Dreyer offers lessons on the ins and outs of punctuation and grammar including how to navigate the words he calls the confusables like tricky homophones; the myriad ways to use and misuse a comma; and how to recognize though not necessarily do away with the passive voice Hint If you can plausibly add by zombies to the nd of a sentence it's passive People are sharing their writing than ver on blogs on Twitter and this book lays out clearly and comprehensibly. ,

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