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Sister of My Heart gI still say he srumpy because he s a chimpanzee not a monkeyI m a little iffy on this Porcupine is throwing a party Jim Panzee let s slip that he can t dance So the other animals spend a bunch of time teaching him he can t dance So the other animals spend a bunch of time teaching him dance Then he dances at the party But he still doesn t like dancing So the animals say that s okay there are other things to do at a party So Jim does what he wants and has funIs the message about being yourself Not iving in to peer pressure I m so used to kids books being about trying something new and so much TIME WAS SPENT ON LEARNING TO was spent on learning to that that s what I assumed it was about I m all for the be yourself message but I wish it was clear Honestly this was my most anticipated picture book of 2019 and I am disappointed The art is still beautiful but the story was unsatisfying Where is the depth of theme from the original Grumpy Monkey The first book is still my favorite However I love the plot in this book Often monkey s attitude towards expressing oneself in activity such as dance matches mine closely This is a reat book to use with students reluctant to participate and who want an Review originally published on my blog Nine Pages Jim Panzee is back in the classic story of character who says that he doesn t or can t dance being taught by his friends how to do and realizing that he has to find his own beat only Jim s beat is no beat Jim learns how to dance from his friends and his friends are all impressed and want to dance with Everyone's favorite New York Times bestselling Grumpy Monkey is back in this hilarious seuel about managing social anxiety and listening to your needsHave you ever been a little anxious about Rescuing Gus going to a party Jim Panzee feels that Porcupine is having a big party and according to Jim's best friend Norman there will beulp dancing Jim can DEFINITELY not dance When he tel. ,

Grumpy Monkey Party Time

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Ying amesChildren will feel empowered to express their true interests while respecting the interests of others Grumpy Monkey is one of our favorite books Unfortunately Grumpy Monkey Grumpy Monkey Party just didn t uite live up to its predecessor It s still a cute one but there s just something missing that I can t put my finger on I do like the message about social pressure and how it s okay to be different and how you may just help others
who are struggling 
are struggling well by being your true self The first one was hilarious this one not as much Recommended for ages 4 8 3 stars Be ready to laugh out loud and have reat conversations with kids Must purchase FINALLY A book with a character who doesn t like dancing and isn t ultimately saved by his pushy friends showing him how Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story great dancing is Jim Panzee doesn t like to dance His friends try to make him like dancing but he just doesn t After making it clear to his friends that he doesn t li Grumpy Monkey is back He s been invited to Porcupine s party Problem is he doesn t know how to dance So the other animals take it upon themselves to teach him Jim the Monkey is a uick learner When everyoneets to the party there is much dancing Jim is not enjoying himself He finds that he doesn t like dancing When he announces this other animals speak up as well stating they don t like dancing either They just went along because everyone else was dancing A fantastic book about speaking up for yourself and being ok not How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly--and the Stark Choices Ahead going with the crow. That he doesn't much care to dance either As and animals have the courage speak their truths does this mean there's no place for them at this partyIn this hilarious seuel to GRUMPY MONKEY kids will learn that it's okay not too with the flow if they're uncomfortable and that speaking up about what they need can help others speak up too and maybe they need the same thin. .
Im at Porcupine s party But after so long dancing Jim can t take it any He decides to leave the party rather than dance any And that s when he discovers that there is party food lots of delicious party food that Porcupine needs help eating So Jim and the other animals that he emboldens to admit their dislike of dancing stay at the party and they eat and they even play a few ames but they don t dance As another individual who has found that dancing is not one of my favorite activities I always appreciate parties that make plain that not dancing is socially acceptable For that alone I can enjoy this book I wonder if its message ets to its targets audience as much as it does to the fed up adult readers who have been conditioned to think That Events Like Weddings Or Even Proms Reuire Dancing More events like weddings or even proms reuire dancing More with board ames is what I m advocating I still like the inclusion of some lesser known creatures though I find it odd that only Norman the orilla from next door and Jim Panzee have names separate from their species Age Older Preschool 2nd GradeIn Preschool 2nd radeIn vast world of children s literature there are plenty of books that celebrate the joys of dancing This is not one of them Jim s literature there are plenty of books that celebrate the joys of dancing This is not one of them Jim is nervous about an upcoming party especially because he doesn t know how to dance After advice tutorials and putting it into action at the party Jim still doesn t like to dance When he voices his true opinion Jim finds out that there are other fun things to do at the party like eating and pla. Ls his friends they all try to teach him cool moves surely that's the only reason Jim isn't excited about this partyNow their job complete the other animals sweep Jim along all the way to the dance floor Jim is dipped swayed and twirled until he can't take it any he just doesn't like to dance When he lets everyone know he's met with disbeliefuntil Water Buffalo reveals.

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