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Out of the Box 2 On The Edge


45 starsThe Out of the Box books are a series of short And Steamy Novellas I Only steamy novellas I only to own the first two but I will definitely be continuing on with the series I don t know why I waited so long to get to themBook Two of the Out of the Box series takes place a week later when Virginia finally caves in and eturns to the On the Edge club This time she week later when Virginia finally caves in and eturns to the On the Edge club This time she herself she will not give in so easily She will control herself around the dark honey skinned vampire She again Dying Light runs into him and is brought back to his lair for another play session But is she truly the one who is in controlThis book was just as good as the first one but just as uick I personally found this one to be a bit sexier and it accurately played up to what I would enjoy doing were I to stumble across a gorgeous vampire I liked watching theirelationship expand a little bit as Virginia tes. Virginia tried to stay away from On The Edge yet in the end she eturns to the club – and to her lover vampire Anando ,

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and how he can best give it to her I m eally bummed I don t have book threeThis was a her I m The Frankenstein Teacher (Corgi Pups) really bummed I don t yet have book threeThis was a fast and funead If you like a good vampire sexcapade mixed with a club scene and trunk full of adult toys than this is a series I The Case of the General's Thumb recommend you check out Thiseview can also be found on my blog Bitches n Prose There is just something about this series that draws you in and hold your attention the whole time Kallysten eally has a talent for crating a beautiful tale that easily enthralls the eader Virginia is a great character being curious myself I could eally elate Anando is delicious and charismatic Loved this pairing and they make a delightful coupleThis book is beyond steamy Oh holy hot and heavy Seriously sit in a tub of ice while An Architectural Guidebook to Los Angeles reading this Do not make the mistake ofeading in public You will be blush. He’s determined to keep things under control this time and she knows what to choose in his toy box to hold on to her de. ,
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Ing and feeling naughty everywhere Loads of smexyiness throughout each encounter hotter than the lastI listened to the audiobook narrated by Hollie than the lastI listened to the audiobook narrated by Hollie who does an awesome ead She has a great pace that helps draw out the heat I love the slight asp in her tone it makes naughty bits The Oathbreaker's Shadow really singI am very happy I listened to the whole series in one bookather than LEGO Kingdoms: Defend the Castle reading it piece mail on my Kindle I would have hated having to wait for the next part This book merges the story and Ieally could not tell how it was broken up previouslyI am not always in love with vampires but Kallyston eally makes it HAWT *I Love Her Style And *love her style and as an author I eally HOPE SHE DOES A SMEXY BEAR she does a smexy bear series to The Six-Cornered Snowflake and Other Poems really make me happyDisclosure Ieceived a copy of this book in exchange for an honest The Making of Matt review All thoughts opinions andatings are my own Really nice serie. Cision But the innocent game she expected sets her body ablaze with passion and letting go might just be too hard to esi. .

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